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Announcing From the Ground to the Sky: a Guide to Sustainable Travel

free travel sustainability eBook

Free Green Travel eBook

Business travel is a significant tool for building global partnerships in the digital age. Despite the rising prevalence of web-based video conferencing technologies and hybrid events, analysts predict corporate travel will  experience significant growth over coming years, and international trips are projected to hit 1.5 billion annually by the year 2020.

Announcing: Top Trends in the Travel Planning Industry eBook

travel trends eBook

Free Travel Trends eBook

Despite the meteoric rise of booking engines as a tool for business and leisure travelers,  the profession of travel planning is here to stay. Analysts at the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics project that the profession will experience around 10% growth over the next decade, further proving that personalized service and time-proven expertise can’t be emulated by technology.

EmpireCLS Worldwide Chauffeured Services selects the Cadillac XTS

empirecls worldwide chauffeured

Purchase of 150 new Cadillac XTS's sets the stage for a new industry standard

EmpireCLS Worldwide Chauffeured Services has signed a deal with Cadillac to purchase 150 new Cadillac XTS livery model sedans. The 150 new Cadillac XTS sedans will be added to EmpireCLS’s existing fleet in New York / New Jersey, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

Behind-the-Scenes of Oscars Ground Transportation 2013

award show limo

Ground Transportation FAQs 

There are a number of cultural traditions that surround red carpet events in Hollywood. Both event attendees and television viewers have come to expect a number of factors at an awards ceremony, from the Tonys to the Oscars. Celebrities arrive by limousine service at the red carpet, where they’re photographed, before the reception. Awards are issued, and celebrities head off to after-parties to celebrate their victory or mourn their loss. One of the least recognized aspects of the traditional celebration is ground transportation. Whether you’re going to be a guest or viewing the red carpet walk from home, we’ll provide some basic insight on the behind-the-scenes planning that goes into every limo ride:

5 Ways to Improve Your Executive Travel Experience

executive travel experience

Don’t Dread Corporate Travel

Corporate travel sounds like an awful lot of fun, until you’re actually on the road for work. Many executives dread the experience, due to a number of factors that often stem from productivity challenges. It’s hard to maintain the same level of efficacy you have at the home office in between client meetings, while traveling from hotel to airport in chauffeured transportation. Seasoned business traveler and communications author Lisa Earle McLeod shares that developing your own set of best practices is key to not dreading your tips. Inspired by her experience, we suggest the following approaches:

7 Key Performance Indicators for Corporate Travel Management

corporate travel management

Improve Your Department’s Performance

Key performance indicators (KPI) are measurements that track a company’s success in certain areas. According to the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA’s) 2012 report Key Performance Indicators for Managing Corporate Travel, “KPIs can be viewed as dials that, when changed by proactive behaviors, result in desired outcomes.” in other words, the right indicators can be positively influenced by a corporate travel manager’s improved performance.

5 Reasons You Need a Chauffeured Transportation Account Manager

chauffeured transportation

Communication and Ground Transportation

Communication is central to a successful executive ground transportation experience. Corporate travel managers are essentially communication officers who specialize in real-time changes. The role requires an incredible amount of flexibility, given the fact that a single late flight can require an updated itinerary within moments. Account Managers can make a significant difference for corporate travel managers relationships’ with vendors. From streamlined communications to the benefits associated with healthy relationships, we’ve outlined the reasons you should consider an executive ground transportation vendor who offers designated Account Managers for major corporate clients:

5 Restaurants to Close the Deal Over Lunch in New York

restaurants to close the deal

Power Lunch With Clients

Business deals are often made across a shared meal, and how well that meal goes depends a lot on the restaurant. Noisy, loud restaurants are distracting and create a difficult environment to discuss business. But finding a nice, quiet restaurant for such important business meetings can be difficult, especially in big, bustling cities like New York. To cut down on the time you spend searching for the perfect power lunch spot, here are five best restaurants to conduct business in New York.

How Corporate Travel Managers Can Avoid Ancillary Fees

corporate travel managers

Ancillary Fees Can Add Up

Corporate travel managers like yourself have two major goals in mind: find the best travel arrangements and spend as little as possible. Sometimes, despite achieving those goals, things happen and ancillary fees get tacked on to the final bill or you get an expense report from your executive that looks a lot higher than you expected. Fees can add up quickly, and before you know it, you are over your budget.

An Overview of Managed Executive Travel 2.0: Is it Feasible?

corporate travel

The Future of Corporate Travel

One of the most controversial dialogues in the realm of corporate travel is the debate over managed versus unmanaged travel, and whether the latter will gain hold at any major corporations. While even the sharpest travel analysts can’t predict the future, the general consensus is that it’s extremely unlikely unmanaged travel will take hold. However, it does seem that the rising generations of independent and tech-savvy millennial employees may take some aspects of booking their trips into their own hands, a concept known as managed travel 2.0.

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